Neo Dentica is equipped with the latest and most comprehensive radiological imaging system available on the market today – Kodak CS 9300 3D – allows you to perform advanced :

    3D tomography (CT)
    2D panoramic X-ray,
    2D cephalometric X-ray ONE SHOT
    and other research 2D digital quality.

Our dental – laryngological CBCT is a combination of large, medium and small imaging fields. With such capabilities, we offer diverse images on 7 different fields of imaging, subjecting the patient to only this place that we are interested not unnecessarily exposing other areas    at the lowest dose of radiation in Poland ( up to 15 times lower than the dose of radiation over conventional tomography ).

So varied diagnostic programs allow us to take pictures, customize sizes and resolution to the requirements of various fields of dentistry – from endodontics, extensive maxillofacial surgery procedures until after orthodontics and laryngology.

Along with the photo on the CD you receive the program for playback on any computer as well as the option to edit and save any changes. In addition, implant planning and saving, is facilitated by built- in program – a full library of implants, along with connectors of different companies.

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