Top Design 2010

Neo Dentica Dental Clinic was in the final shortlist of twelve, in the first competition for the best dentists TOP DESIGN 2010, organized by the magazine Good Interior.

MD Mariusz Kochanowski – the winner of the prestigious award for outstanding achievement implant

MD Mariusz Kochanowski – winner of the prestigious award for outstanding achievement implant – Platinum Preferred Member in 2011, 2012, 2013 – click. MD Mariusz Kochanowski – owner of Neo Dental Clinic Dentica – received the prestigious Platinum Member Preffed in 2011, 2012, 2013 – for the experience and achievements in the field of implant dentistry. Prize awarded by the Americans, in token of implantology, this year received 22 dentists and 4 dental centers in Poland. MD Mariusz Kochanowski...

International Certificate implant Skills EDI-OSIS

May 17, 2013, Dr. med Mariusz Kochanowski obtained – International Skills Certificate in the field of dental implantology EDI – OSIS. Certification attests to prepare a physician to perform implant procedures according to the highest international standards, consistent with the findings of the National Association of Dental Implantology. Congratulations!  
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