Dentists in Lodz

Our team

Each patient at Neo Dentica has their own dental professional. Our specialists develop a tailored treatment plan and refer if necessary for specialist consultations. The entire team of professionals working in Neo Dentica provide advice and assistance in the course of treatment.

MD Mariusz Kochanowski

implantology, prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry

Dr Marta Borys- Bulesowska

specialist in prosthodontics, conservative dentistry

MD Oskar Armata

specialist in microscopic endodontics, prosthetic

MD Slawomir Ledzion

microscopic endodontics

MD Angelika Wójcicka – Rubin

a specialist in the treatment of periodontal disease, periodontist

Dr Margaret Janowska – Bugaj

a specialist in the treatment of periodontal disease, prosthetic

Dr Sebastian Pryliński

denstisty, prosthetics

Dr Irena Kopec

dentistry, pediatric dentistry

dr n. med. Paulina Kubik

a doctor of medicine, a qualified doctor of aesthetic medicine

dr Piotr Szczepaniak

dental surgery

MD Marta Ciechowicz

specialist in microscopis endodontics

Dr Justyna Kubik

dentistry, pediatric dentistry

Dr Maciej Czerniak

dentistry, prosthetics

MD Lukasz Pawlak

a specialist in the treatment of temporomandibular joint

MD Marta Tyndorf

specialist in dental surgery, doctor of medicine

Dr Małgorzata Szczęsny

dentistry, endodontist

Małgorzata Rubacha

X-Ray Technicians

Ewa Góralska

X-Ray Technicians


patient care

Emilia Olkowicz


Marta Karolak


Katarzyna Sułkowska

X-Ray Technicians/dental assistants

Ewelina Gregowska

dental assistants


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