At Neo Dentica we also focus on the reconstruction of the tissues surrounding the teeth and regeneration of bone and gums. Periodontal disease relate primarily diseases of soft and hard tissues that surround the teeth and provide the location of their seat. Periodontal treatment of our patients brings an incredible increase in quality of life by:

  • removal of cervical hypersensitivity and bleeding gums
  • removal of teeth mobility
  • removal of the deposits
  • curettages
  • treatment of gingival recession
  • Aesthetic correction of gums, frenulum
  • connective tissue graft
  • hemisection
  • Clinical crown lengthening

Causes of periodontal disease :


  • The bacteria contained in plaque and calculus stone
  • Carelessly assumption fill ( overhangs, rough surfaces, no points of contact )
  • Mismatched restorations
  • malocclusion
  • Injuries to the teeth


  • General weakness of the body
  • Hormonal disorders in the course such as diabetes, pregnancy
  • emotional factors
  • Food or certain drugs
  • Deficiencies of vitamins
  • Smoking

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