Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular among patients due to their appearance and functionality. They are more durable and more resistant to decay. Permanently integrated into the bone, implants provide a basis for prosthetic


Compared to traditional prosthetic implants, this procedure minimizes bone loss and does not require shaving of healthy teeth. The possibilities are limitless to repair the damage caused by improper oral hygiene, illness, disease or accident.

Dental implants are implanted into the bone under local anesthesia. In a short time the implant fuses with the bone, in the process of osseointegration. After the healing period, abutments are placed on a laboratory prepared crown, bridge or denture – depending on the needs of the patient.

The implant itself is in fact a small screw made ​​of titanium, not causing oral allergy. The human body accepts the implant, and treats it as a natural tooth root. It is an integral part of the patient’s teeth, functionality is not deviated from the natural dentition.

In Neo Dentica we use NanoTite American company Biomet 3i implants, which thanks to its nanotechnology is stable in the first phase of healing and allows faster
coalescence of bone.

Neo Dentica offers  two different implant systems: Biomet 3i and Keystone.

Implants step by step

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