Implants step by step

Each treatment is tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

A generic implantation might proceed as follows:

Step 1: Planning for surgery
Treatment planning begins with a detailed assessment of the patient’s predisposition to perform implant surgery. We take into consideration the general health of the patient, and define the state of health of the mouth, gums, teeth and bone structure.

Here at Neo Dentica we use 3D tomography (CT) to accurately plan the surgery as one of the standards in the process of implant treatment. We are the only clinic in Poland to have the latest tomography 9300 Kodak 8 fields characterized by imaging with the lowest radiation dose for the patient !

With full diagnostic imaging we check all the standards required for the surgery and we set very precisely the positioning of the implant.

Tomography has revolutionized the process of preparing for surgery. It allows for the analysis of the status and quality of bone tissue by examining its density, as well as to determine the height and width of the bone. The three-dimensional image of the bones of the jaw and jaw ensures precise planning implantation.

Step 2: The procedure of implantation
Implantation of a single implant usually lasts no longer than half an hour. However, depending on the degree of difficulty of the procedure and the number of established implants surgery may be prolonged.

Step 3 : The healing of the implant
The healing period lasts for an average of 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on the condition and quality of the bone tissue. The pain at this time is relatively imperceptible, and the risk of any complications is minimal. The incision in the gum caused during surgery is sewn, and the stitches are removed after 7 to 10 days.

The process of osseointegration occurs in the bone over the following two month, ie accretion of the implanted implant with bone. If the implanting procedure was combined with surgery, bone regeneration, the healing period is longer.

Implementation of the final reconstruction is possible after 2 months.

Step 4: Impression
Dental impression is one of the key steps in prosthetic treatment. It allows you to obtain a true copy of the clinical situation in a form of a cast the the dentition.

On the basis of the impression taken, the prosthetic technician selects and executes the matched, sealed and aesthetic crown of the tooth.

Step 5: Turning the fastener and fixing crowns
Screwing and fitting prosthetics previously prepared by the technician allows for the fitting of prosthetic crown, which will be matching the rest of the teeth.

Step 6: Monitoring visits to a specialist
We facilitate regular follow-up visits throughout the process of implantation treatment.

At Neo Dentica we use:

  • implants for reconstruction of individual shortcomings (photos )
  • implants for numerous deficiencies
  • implants for partial dentures
  • implants for people with no teeth

Advantages of implants :

Implants help to minimize the amount of lost bone, which disappears as a result of missing teeth possessed, and which in turn can lead to the loss of healthy teeth. They have long-lasting prosthetic solutions and are more reliable than conventional prosthetic methods. They reduce the need to shave down the adjacent natural teeth, restore function and aesthetics of natural teeth. They are stable and thus increase the psychological comfort, appearance and comfort not deviating from the natural dentition.

We invite you to view a detailed presentation of implant.

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