Temporomandibular joints

More and more patients suffer from headaches, which may be caused by bruxism or disorder, a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints.

The causes of these disorders are numerous such as a tendency to grinding and clenching, gaps in teeth, malocclusion and posture, degenerative disc or block, different types of accidents.
It is necessary to take treatment, as dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint ailments conducive to further development. The method of treatment involves taking an impression by the doctor and the preparation of the technical workshop splints. Wearing prepared occlusal splints allow the patient to control the tension of the muscles of the jaw.

Possible symptoms of bruxism :

  • frequent headaches, earaches, etc.
  • crackling sound or cracking when opening and closing the mouth,
  • pain when yawning, with a wide open mouth,
  • aching muscles of the jaw,
  • unexpected change in the arrangement of upper and lower teeth.

If the gnashing of teeth and often headaches, make you wake up with clenched muscles, if  you have difficulty opening the mouth wide,  you might suspect that you have a problem with disorders of the temporomandibular joints

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