Whole offer of treatment procedures and massage therapy in the stomatognathic area, which functionally responsible for chewing, swallowing, speaking and mimic expression, is now available in our clinic.

Physiotherapy draws upon natural methods for restoring health. It’s aiming to stimulate the organism to fight against disease, by using different physical stimuli. In dentistry, physiotherapy is being used to provide help for those who suffer from pain in area of head and neck, in particular to treat:

  • pain in the area of temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • increased muscle tension during orthodontic treatment
  • bruxism and other parafunctions in oral area
  • temporomandibular joint dysfunctions, especially „clicking” and dislocations
  • not proper mandibular movement (deviation, restricted or excessive mouth opening , etc.)
  • headache
  • after trauma or surgery in masticatory system field.

Here we present exemplary therapy methods used by our specialists:

Manual therapy – is the therapeutic treatment chosen individually to each and every patient. It’s based on anamnesis and physical examination of patient, description of his complains and determining the aims of patient. The procedure involves therapy in the clinic, home exercise program and indications for everyday activities and behaviour. During manual therapy session, therapist uses manual joint techniques, which also have influence on normalisation of muscular activation, improving blood supply to the tissues and their metabolism.

Manual therapy due to CRAFTA® concept is a specialised method, extensively taking care of problems in area of head and neck, allowing physiotherapist effective cooperation with dentists. This concept provides solutions for i.a.: TMJ dysfunctions, headaches, facial pain, tinnitus and bruxism.

Massage combined with muscular trigger points therapy – is the therapeutic kind of massage, when the therapist pay attention to palpable points in area of masticatory muscles, that can lead to pain not only in the point of pressing, but also to referred areas as f.e. teeth.

Kinesiology taping – therapy which uses elastic, cotton tapes, that are applied on the skin. Depending on the patient’s problem, we use individually chosen application. Tapes do not provide any pharmacological substances, but they aim to unload problematic area. Successfully we use many applications in the area of face and head.

Scar tissue mobilisation – in other worlds „moving” the scar tissue, improving it’s gliding abilities against other, surrounding tissues. It aims to provide better function of the area covered by scar tissue and decrease pain, that can be caused by eventual adhesions or inflammation. In the area of face and neck it also makes the scar more aesthetic.

Price list of therapeutic procedures:

  • therapeutic massage of the neck and face area combined with trigger points therapy (c.a. 40 minutes) 70 zl
  • therapeutic massage of the neck and face area and cervico-thoracal spine combined with trigger points therapy (c.a. 45 minutes/1 hour) 90 zl
  • relaxing massage of face and neck (20 minutes) 50 zl
  • facial and neck drainage (30 minutes) 50 zl
  • therapeutic massage of cervial and thoracal spine (40 minutes) 70 zl
  • whole spine massage (when the lower parts of spine have influence on dysfunctions in the cervical part) (1 hour) 90 zl
  • kinesiology taping 40 zl
  • kinesiology taping as an addition to other procedures 30 zl
  • manual therapy 100 zl for the first session, 90 zl for each next

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